Sydney Preston

When Max Berdahl, property developer and son of a prominent Jehovah’s Witness family, is found brutally murdered in a vacant home, Detective Sergeants Ray Rossini and Jimmy Tan are charged with solving the first homicide in the island community of Britannia Bay. Their investigation is stymied by the lack of forensic evidence, the failure to find the murder weapon and the reticence of the family to fully cooperate.

On a tip, the detectives first look to Berdahl’s housing project on the mainland for a suspect, but return home without success. They then delve into Max’s personal life. An off-hand remark, and a series of chance encounters, sightings and accidents lead to a credible suspect. But the motive for murder seems too bizarre. Can there be more to it or will their circumstantial evidence be enough for an arrest?

Sydney Preston

A beloved choir director dies unexpectedly, seemingly of natural causes. A local arts reporter is accused of being responsible for her death. Shortly after, she herself is killed during what appears to be a botched robbery. But is it? And who is she, really? And are the deaths linked? And what is the connection between the victim and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service?

Detective Sergeant Ray Rossini goes off to Italy with his family, believing the case is closed, His partner, D.S. Jimmy Tan, has his doubts, and can’t let it go. Following a tenuous lead, he chases down a mysterious woman whom he believes is key to the puzzle, and suddenly, nothing is as it seems.

“Tone Dead” is the second book in the Britannia Bay Mystery series.

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