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Deadly Direction

While the case moves forward, dramas are playing out in the Rossini and Tan households. Who, really, is the new Italian sous chef at the restaurant owned by Ray’s parents? And what are his intentions regarding Lana, their beloved pastry chef? Motivated by her suspicions and concern, Ray’s mother begins an investigation of her own. Ariel Tan’s father, from whom she has long been estranged, has had a stroke. She wrestles with whether or not to visit him in Vancouver. Will he apologize for his cruel words concerning Jimmy, healing the breach? Or has too much time passed?

Tone Dead

Detective Ray Rossini goes off to Italy with his family, believing the case is cold, if not closed. His partner is not so sure. The reporter had made enemies with her vicious reviews. After seeing a mysterious person at the choir director’s memorial service, the doubting detective, Jimmy Tan, chases her down. Digging deeper he unearths a story of secrets and subterfuge worthy of an opera libretto.

Too Late for Redemption

Then on a tip, they head to the mainland to look at the murky source of Berdahl’s land development project. With the help of a sexual predator with ties to the Italian ‘‘Ndrangheta, he has purchased two parcels of land but needs the property owned by an aging widow to complete the development. Using roughshod methods, he forces her out, which leads to her death. Finding no viable suspects within her embittered family, Rossini and Tan return home. An off-hand remark, and a series of chance encounters, sightings and accidents lead to a credible suspect. But the motive for the murder seems too bizarre. Can there be more to it or will their circumstantial evidence be enough for an arrest?